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Monday, March 28, 2011

A True Love...=)

She was one of the noblest women around, coming from a very prominent family. She was also quite beautiful and the holder of a considerable amount of wealth, being a prominent businesswoman. To marry her,would have been a great feat for any man, and indeed, quite a few of the most prominent and wealthy men in society had asked for her hand.

Yet, she rejected them all; already being a widow, she had lost the desire to marry again.Until he came into her life.

 He was young man of 25, and although he was also of a noble family, he was an orphan and was not a man of many means.
He had made a meager living tending sheep in the hills surrounding the city. Yet, he had an impeccable moral character, and he was widely known as one of the most honest men around. That is what attracted her to him: she was looking for someone honest who could conduct business for her, as she – a woman in a fiercely patriarchal society – could not do it herself.
So, he started working for her. After he came back from his first business trip, she asked her servant, whom she sent with him, about him and his conduct. The servant amazed her by his report: this young man was the kindest, gentlest man he had ever met. Never did he treat the servant harshly, as many others do. Yet, there was more: as they traveled in the heat of the desert, the servant noticed that a cloud had followed them the entire time, shading them from the blazing sun.
The businesswoman was quite impressed with her new employee. Not only that, this new employee proved to be an astute businessman in his own right. He took his employer’s merchandise, sold it, and with the profits bought other merchandise that he sold again, thus profiting twice.
All this was enough for her: the embers of love in her heart that were once extinguished re-kindled again, and she resolved to marry this young man, who was 15 years younger than she. So, she sent her sister to this young man.
She asked him, “Why are you not married, yet?”
“For lack of means,” he answered.
“What if I could offer you a wife of nobility, beauty, and wealth? Would you be interested?” she told him.
He replied in the affirmative, but when she mentioned her sister, the young employee chuckled in amazement.
“How could I marry her? She has turned down the most noble men in the city, much wealthier and prominent than me, a poor shepherd,” he said.  “Don’t you worry,” the sister replied, “I’ll take care of it.”

Not long after, the wealthy businesswoman married her young employee, and it was the beginning of one of the most loving, happiest, and sacred marriages in all of human history: that of Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah, the daughter of Khuwaylid.
When they were married, the Prophet was 25 years old, and Khadijah was 40. Yet, that did not bother the Prophet even a bit. He loved her so deeply, and she loved him as deeply. They were married for 25 years, and she bore him seven children: 3 sons and 4 daughters.
All of the sons died in young age. Khadijah was a source of immense love, strength, and comfort for the Prophet Muhammad, and he leaned heavily on this love and support on the most important night of his life.

While he was meditating in cave of Hira, the Angel Gabriel(Jibrail) came to the Prophet Muhammad and revealed to him the first verses of the Qur’an and declared to him that he was to be a Prophet.
The experience terrified the Prophet Muhammad, and he ran home, jumping into Khadijah’s arms crying, “Cover me! Cover me!” She was startled by his terror, and after soothing and comforting him for a while, the Prophet was able to calm down and relate to her his experience.
The Prophet feared he was losing his mind or being possessed.
Khadijah put all his fears to rest: “Do not worry,” she said, “ for by Him who has dominion over Khadijah’s soul, I hope that you are the Prophet of this nation. Allah would never humiliate you, for you are good to your relatives, you are true to your word, you help those who are in need, you support the weak, you feed the guest and you answer the call of those who are in distress.”
She then took him to her cousin, Waraqah ibn Nawfal – a scholar well-versed in the Judeo-Christian scripture – and he confirmed to the Prophet that his experience was Divine and he was to be the Last Prophet.

After his ministry began, and the opposition of his people became harsh and brutal, Khadijah was always there to support the Prophet Muhammad, sacrificing all of her wealth to support the cause of Islam. When the Prophet and his family was banished to the hills outside of Mecca, she went there with him, and the three years of hardship and deprivation eventually led to her death.
The Prophet Muhammad mourned her deeply, and even after her death, the Prophet would send food and support to Khadijah’s friends and relatives, out of love for his first wife.
Once, years after Khadijah died, he came across a necklace that she once wore. When he saw it, he remembered her and began to cry and mourn.
His love for her never died, so much so, that his later wife A’isha became jealous of her. Once she asked the Prophet if Khadijah had been the only woman worthy of his love. The Prophet replied: “She believed in me when no one else did; she accepted Islam when people rejected me; and she helped and comforted me when there was no one else to lend me a helping hand.”
Much has been made and said about Prophet Muhammad’s multiple marriages. There are many who smear the Prophet as a womanizing philanderer, citing his multiple marriages.This is absolute propaganda. As a response to those who malign the Prophet. IF the Prophet were anything of the sort, he would have taken advantage of his youth to do such a thing. But he did not! At a time when it was a common custom to have multiple wives, the Prophet did not marry anyone else while he was with Khadijah.
It was only after Khadijah died (may God be pleased with her) that he married other women. Most of these wives were widows, whom the Prophet married to care after them, or they were the daughters of prominent Arab chieftains, so that the Prophet could form a cohesive Muslim society out of a fiercely tribalistic (and barbaric) Arab culture.
The smears against the Prophet fall flat on their faces once the light of truth shines brightly upon them. In a song about the Prophet and Khadjiah, Muslim rappers Native Deen sing: “We look for stories of love in places dark and cold – When we have a guiding light for the whole world to behold.”
Many of what we call “love stories” today are nothing more than stories of lust and desire, physical attraction disguised as love. Yet, I can find no love story more powerful, more spiritually uplifting, more awe inspiring as that of the Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah.
It is a shining example of what an ideal marriage is, and if I ever claim that I love my wife, I must gauge my actions with that of the Prophet, even if i found someone, perfectly for me,then i will love her with all my heart,deeply.
"What is to me, the greatest of all love stories: that of Muhammad and Khadijah."
Love, due to person Character and person involvement in Islam, not due to beauty or body looks. Don’t flirt with anyone feelings. Don’t break anyone trust. If you can’t fullfill your promise,then don’t start such relation.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh..=)

hope kite sume berade dlm limpahan keberkatan Allah SWT..inshaAllah..amiin..
okay..for the post this time, ana nk crite pasal journey ke life ni pada tahun 1432 or 2011...sungguh mendebarkan..
mase bulan satu dulu byk problem pasal matapelajaran...pastu alhamdulillah..skrg okay cket...masuk je bulan dua..dah kene fikir pasal sukan tahunan pulak...boleh dikatakan ana satu bulan tu kurang conversation kat rumah n susahlah nk tgk ana kat umah....susah sgt..sebab ape..??sebab first week masuk competition buat banner utk PPIM..skali menangnye KRS first, second KADET BOMBA...third PBSM..kitorg forth..redha jelah..ade hikmah disebalik kejadianNya..trime jelah qada' n qadar Allah walaupon hati ni rase mcm nak jerit je ckp KRS word to say...hmm..biarlah..

second week plak..kene pay attention utk kawad kaki pulak...dah muka ni jadi kek marble..kene dek panas yg membahang..takpe..demi markah kokurikulum..ku sanggup redah...pastu dlm 2 minggu camtu practice..tibalah hari penentuannya..26.2.2011...hari Kejohanan Olahraga SMK Shahbandaraya, Klang..venue..stadium Sultan Alam Shah..stadium yg famous dikalangan skolah kat Klang ni..^_^..utk sukan ni..ana ade gak buat preparationnye..iaitu jadi wakil rumah sukan NILAM utk lempar cakera, lontar peluru n also tarik tali..haha..haritu lempar cakera n lontar peluru dua-dua dpt no. 4..haha..buat malu jer..hahaha...pastu..26 Februari tu bangun dalah pkul 6.45..acik yg bwk kite p skolah hon banyak kali..baru tersedar...haha..mak n ayah pon tetidor..hihi..pastu skali bgun terkejut dah 6.45..tros dlm mind..da ingat subuh da nk habis waktu ni..tros mandi..gosok gigi..solat n doalah supaya NILAM n PPIM menang..pastu cepat2 pkai baju kwad pastu straight pegi stadium....sampai je stadium..tros pegi amik glove n kawad lintas hormat..alhamdulillah smpai akhir kwd tu ku mampu berthn..alhamdulillah..

pastu time breakfast..terpakse dok kat gerai klass 5K sebab da x de tmpat da utk dok kat grandstand tu..=_=..nasi lemak n mineral water..haha...pastu..naik je..jumpe kwn gile..haha..pastu satu acara demi satu acara berlangsung...sampailah time utk tarik jadi angker...habis kene tarik hbs ngan umah TOPAZ..bengang je..sluar habis kene lumpur..habis...pastu pegi part kedua...menang..alhamdulillah..tarik tali NILAM perempuan ngan lelaki MENANG..!!!!!!tahniah ustaz..kitorg buat ustaz tu gak kat cikgu cikgu umah NILAM yg lain...biar merentas desa dpt third..skali kat sukan tahunan dpt FIRST!!!!haha..TOPAZ kalah..haha...pastu kwad kaki KRS first..KADET BOMBA second..PPIM third..dpt gak tebus maruah kat banner..haha...

that's all utk hari sukan...hah..!!bedey kite...x explain kali ni berjela-jela..

malam dah wish dulu..pastu ayah..pastu kwn..pastu pagi tu bangun..mak wish skali lagi..pastu pegilah skolah..bglah coklat..belanje kwn...haha...kite punye bedey..kite yg kene belanje..hampeh..=_=...tapi best gaklah..petang tu stayback sebab nk wat rehearsel utk hari sukan nnti...main main ngan hujan..kasut basah..sluar basah..baju pon basah..haha...biarlah bedey aq x dpt kek pon..janji dpt dibasahi oleh rahmat Allah..alhamdulillah..trime kasih ya Allah..actually bedey ana, hari sukan, rumah NILAM menang pon dah cukup happy dah..alhamdulillah..

all thanx is to Allah..


may Allah bless you n also bless me..n bless all of us..

~salam intifadha~